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Streaming is the new downloading

by Roger

With increased internet spend and connectivity, it is becoming easier to spread games online. Whether it is watching a tournament play out or simply joining a live dealer game, games streaming has now become huge. In fact, it is partly due to this booming industry that the streaming sites have taken off so well.

E-sports have taken off in recent years with massive tournaments streamed live across the world so that the masses can witness the events unfold. Dreamhack, originally held in Sweden, soon became a global sensation after it streamed more live games, created more traffic and used a faster wi-fi connection speed than ever before. But records are made to be broken and Dreamhack was not to hold onto this for very long. As streaming of these e-sports tournaments, featuring games such as League of Legends and Dota 2, increased in popularity, so did streaming sites. Soon there were multiple sites like Twitch joining in and sharing gaming feeds from around the world. In some countries these streamed feeds also have their own TV channel allowing viewers to watch them in even more comfort.

In online casinos live streams have been utilized to create newer and more realistic gaming experiences for their players though the newly released live dealer casinos. Other areas of use include poker tournaments being streamed live. The streaming of these games was in fact part of the reason why poker became so huge in the first place.

Streaming has made all games that much more accessible. Gamers are now becoming stars, almost on par with the best sportsmen. In turn this is spurring on the younger generation to join in on this new genre of gaming. The live feeds are instrumental in helping newcomers pick up hints, tips and strategies all without having to pay to go to a tournament in the flesh.