Your place on the Internet

Making yourself visible

by Roger

In this age of technology, all businesses must have an online presence in order to become visible. Whilst it is easy to create a Facebook page or design a website, it is harder to become noticed and have regular traffic come through the site. With this in mind, here are a few essentials in order to make yourself and your brand visible to the masses.

Firstly, it is important to do your research. Simply spreading information at will to the vastness of the internet will not work. Focus is key here, and finding out and targeting your key groups is very important. Search for the right market and then, with carefully planned pitches and information, get to know them. In this way you will also build up relationships with other brands and people who can help to share your message. Networking is also fundamental, and sharing each other’s posts and information will help with crosslinking and reaching a wider audience.

In conjunction with networking there is also affiliate marketing. Simply put, this is where you place ads for other companies on your own site, and every time someone visits you will gain a commission. Likewise, you can place ads of your own on other sites and increase your exposure in that manner. As with all types of online marketing, it is important to find your brand’s niche when doing these types of ads, as placing an ad for a skin cream on a sports page is not really going to yield you anyone new.

For the most part though, a combination of all the above factors will help to increase your online presence. It will take time, so unless you are lucky enough to strike gold early one, be patient, improve your product and hone your marketing skills as you go.