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How To Be The Best Football Manager On ManagerZone

by Roger

ManagerZone is one of the best football strategy games for wannabe football managers. Players can easily get engrossed in a strategy game that can last weeks, months or even years. The aim of the game is to build up a football team, all the way from investing in youth players, building a senior team, trading players on the transfer market to investing in player training.

Being a successful manager is dependent on one thing: your players. Make sure they all have the training they require to be the best. Sending players to a training camp is a great way to increase the amount of training they receive, since camps employ intensive sessions that improve certain attributes of players.

As a manager, you can buy and sell players on the transfer market, however keep an eye out for loyal players. These would have come from your youth academy and have been a part of your team since they were children and will never agree to a transfer. They should be the core of your team.

Once you have built up good players, you need to invest in tactics. You can set up your tactics in advance of matches, which allows you to plan ahead and not be online for every single game. The game offers default formations; however, the best way to win is to create custom formations depending on your players’ individual attributes. You can also scout your future opponents to discover how they prefer to play and chose a tactic accordingly.

If managing a football team has always been your dream, now is your chance to make that dream come true. Have fun managing your own football team all the way to the top of the league!